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Turbosound iNSPIRE

A line array but by a different name. The new Turbosound iNSPIRE 2000  modular column ( line array) speakers are ready for action. The cardboard boxes have done their job, keeping them safe on a few jobs. Now the Turbosound transport bags have arrived and extremely... Read more

The Mabels

The Mabels were an unexpected treat Last Friday  at Canvas in Bournemouth The Mabels, looked as though thy were going to be a reasonable “party” band, but were we in for a shock. The bands line up is a bit unusual. There are two girl lead singers, who... Read more

Arena Sound System

Mini Arena Sound system for the School Hall  This Sound System had a few unusual requirements It had to be easy for staff to use for assemblies where only a computer sound track and a lapel radio microphone are needed and at the other end of the spectrum it has to be... Read more

School hall sound system

School hall sound system This one has to be used for every thing from Head of year assemblies to big musical theatre productions and Rock extravaganzas over the past few weeks I have been extremely busy installing the sound system that I designed over the school... Read more