Engineering “The Congo Faith Healers”

I had the pleasure of supplying the sound equipment and engineering for the Congo Faith Healers last night who play a fusion of Blues, Swing, Latin and Gypsy Jazz. This band is really worth listening to. They are so tight you would think they were one person. The music’s is exiting and has driving rhythms. There are only four guys in the line up; Sonny West on Vocals and guitar, Victor on Trumpet, Jay Tubsman on Drums and Akos on Double Bass. I had great comments from the band about the sound on stage and out front. The double base player said he had not heard his base sound so nice. I look forward to working with them again. For any other Double bass players who have problems with resonant stages, try decoupling the bass from the stage by putting a foam pad on the floor and rest your bass on it.

There was an unusual feature about both the bands I have engineered for in the last two days, both Paul Beavis who drums for the Groovemeisters   amongst others and Jay Tubsman from the Congo Faith Healers  are lefthanded and only use a floor and one hanging tom

Engineering The Congo Faith Healers

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