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Radio Microphones licencing

Radio Microphones licencing In the UK there are particular frequencies and frequency ranges that can be used for radio microphones being used for Program Making And Special Events I have trawled the Ofcom website to get an overview of the situation: The PMSE Spectrum... Read more

Ferndown Upper school Prize giving 2015

Prize giving for Ferndown Upper school 2015   This year the Ferndown Upper school Prize giving 2015 took place at the Carington hotel. The sound equipment and setup was provided by us in line with the specification from the school . We added an extra lectern... Read more

When customers bother to comment

Its great when customers bother to comment on the service they have recieved Here are the latest  two Sarah Swarbrick , the drama teacher from St Edmunds in Portsmouth writes Hi John, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today. We were so impressed with... Read more

Radio microphones Keep it legal

Radio microphone licences and you I was providing the Pa and Plasma screens for the speeches and the best mans presentation at a wedding last weekend. This involved the usual small compact speakers on stands, a hand held radio mike for the father of the bride and... Read more

Using LED par cans

At first sight  using LED par cans and Tri Colour colour mixing seem like the ultimate solution. Any colour from any lantern . No more changing gels. Less space on the rig…. Apart from the obvious one that “LED par cans do not produce anything  with a wave... Read more