A line array but by a different name.

The new Turbosound iNSPIRE 2000  modular column ( line array) speakers are ready for action. The cardboard boxes have done their job, keeping them safe on a few jobs. Now the Turbosound transport bags have arrived and extremely smart they look. The bags make this line array system very easy to handle. They have cut outs for the grip handles on the sides of the bass cabinet and the  mid top bag has a shoulder strap as well as a strap handle.Turbosound iNSPIRE 2000 line array

Setting up simplicity

The system is very easy to set up. You just put the bass cab on the floor, mate the bottom of the “A” mid top section with it, then put the “B” mid top section into the socket/spigot on the top of the “A” section. Then connect the power and signal and that’s it. Very clean and uncomplicated. The description is more complicated than actually doing it!. The whole arrangement is now even simpler as I now use combined power and signal cables. Now there is no need to run a separate power cable and a signal cable to each system.

What they do

These are self powered speaker systems which are are bi amped. This means the amplifiers and control are optimised for the speaker drivers. The amplifiers are class “D” so they are very light.  When you hear the Turbosound iNSPIRE 2000 you don’t expect the big sound they produce to come from such a neat system. The other things which are actually very significant to what they can be used for, are the dispersion and the drop off characteristic .Over the mid, (vocal) range and Hf; the coverage angle sounds as though its over 120 degrees  and as the system is a good approximation to a line array in this frequency band, the drop of with distance is significantly lower than a point source system.

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