The EVE E-100Z LED Zoom ProfileEVE E-100Z Zoom Profile

LED Zoom profiles will fill what has, until now, been a bit of a gap in the led arsenal. You may ask “who needs a Profile. “They look very expensive for a white fixed position lantern”. Well if you are used to having them and they are taken away from you. Suddenly you realise how useful they are. They allow you to highlight specific areas with a hard or soft edged pool. They can creating textures all in very specific colours. You can’t get all the colours from LED colour changers, you  get from gels yet, even using hex pars, good as they are.

The optics are very sharp and the framing is excellent. The light intensity competes with any 575 fixtures. Finaly the big thing is that the power consumption is only 100 watts when its full up. This means; the performers are not frazzled, a lot less air conditioning and a much smaller electricity bill. For more information go to

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