I Did the first band on the new Midas M32 at Canvas in Bournemouth last night “The Wonderband” .
It was nice to get an email this morning from Pat the bassist from the band:-
PatWBK@WB.UK <patwgtrstr@gmail.com

Cheers  John, was a great night  and thanks again for doing a top job!


They are a 9 piece Soul Funk Motown band covering amongst others Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Chic and The Jackson 5

“Great Band who with an enthusiastic audience created a great  atmosphere during there set .”

The M32 is different to the previous Yamaha M7CL at Canvas but as I have an M32 in my hire stock I am familiar with it .The off line editor for the M32 allowed me to set up a show file with all the correct ins, outs processing , and names which I could load onto the Canvas desk to get a head start and speed up the sound check , which is quite a complex job with a 9 piece band with 8 different mixes .

EQ. wise the M32 has everything the M7CL has and a bit more .You can have 6 x 31 bands for the wedges and a stereo 31 band for the FOH and still have 4 effects on top. The channels have a variable frequency high pass filter and 4 parametrics which feels different to the M7CLs’ but seem to do the job. The one bit I think I will miss which the M7CL could do, was sent to the matrix’s from the channels so you effectively have less busses . For this particular band the M32s 16 busses is fine as they only need 8 aux busses for monitors and 4 for effects leaving 4 for 2 stereo sub groups.If you are interested in having a look at the facilities of the M32 the on/off line editor and the manual are a good place to start  .

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