PMSE shared user frequencies

There has recently been an addition to the  PMSE shared user frequencies. These  were previously restricted  to the channel 38 band. The new band of frequencies are between  823 and 832 MHz. These  are now under the same licence as the channel 38 “PMSE shared user licence” . So if you have a “PMSE shared user licence” you may well be able to licence the equipment that used to be used on the derg band , channel 70. This is dependent on your system being able to be tuned to this new band. Here is the link to the relevant info on the JFM website .

In conclusion the results of this addition are; There are more possibilities for people with a shared user licence to find frequencies that are clear for them to use. Secondly,  there are a lot of radio mike systems that were used on the old channel 70 dereg band that can probably now legally be re tuned to this new shared user frequency band. This will bring new life to them as the old dereg band gets progressively more congested .

PSME and old sennheiser

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