A selection of our most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’S “Frequently Asked Questions”

What do I need

This is the most FAQ,s.  No Problem at all. At Dorset PA Hire we will guide you through what you need so that you get the very best for you event. If you wish we can install, and man the equipment for you. Whatever you need please talk to us.

Can you help !! I dont understand the jargon
If you have a technical problem or don’t understand how to use the Pa sound or lighting equipment you hire from us, I will do my best to explain.
Do you deliver to site
Certainly. If you wish we can also set up everything for you so that you know exactly how everything works. We are just a phone call away if you have problems.
Can I extend my Hire period
We will always try to accommodate your request but it will depend on the equipment availability and whether another client has made a booking.