Mini Arena Sound system for the School Hall 

Arena sound system

This Sound System had a few unusual requirements

  • It had to be easy for staff to use for assemblies where only a computer sound track and a lapel radio microphone are needed
  • and at the other end of the spectrum it has to be an Arena sound system in miniature to deal with a full blown production with lots of radio mikes and a rock band
  • Maximum usage of the sound system equipment during the rest of the term time when no production is taking place in the hall

“The solution a miniature Arena sound system”

  • Four sets of L Ray 1000 set up in two hangs of 8 mid tops and 2 bass cabinets for the main PA augmented by two  18″ active Mega subs
  • Four 1 × 12″ and horn active Mega series cabinets for vocal and guitar monitoring and Three 1 ×15″  and horn active Mega series cabinets for bass guitar key board and drum monitoring, giving a total of 7 separate monitor feeds
  • Four radio microphone systems with both lapel and headset microphones from Sennheiser
  • A set of Audio technica 14 microphones
    • 4 for vocals
    • 2 for back line
    • 1 kick drum mike
    • 4 condenser mikes for snare , hat and overhead (these double for picking up acoustic instruments as well)
    • 3 Dynamic microphones for the toms
  • Two DI boxes for Bass and Keyboard
  • To make the system even easier to use, it is all turned on by one master switch  , no big bangs or thumps L-Ray 1000
Line Array Arena sound system , but in miniature


Apart from requiring more radio microphones during large productions; this equipment covers the hall maximum requirement, I can vouch for this having used the system for real!

As all the monitors are self powered and have on board processing , making them nearly bomb proof from abuse from staff and pupils trying to over drive them , all the monitors have been allocated to the music and drama rooms around the school in normal term time so the get used all the time rather than sitting in store for 95% of the time .

To optimize electrical safety, I have had  a new power distribution system installed  this has two groups of supplies . One group feeds all the PA amplifiers via a separate RCD and another RCD feeds the circuits which the students and staff come into contact with. Besides these safety features the power distribution has a star earthing arrangement which minimizes earth loops New mains distribution board with Dual  RCD + 100A Main Switch 


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