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Let me help ensure that you can be heard and scene on your Big Day

There won’t be a “take two”

Your wedding ceremony will only happen once! You spent  a long time preparing the perfect ceremony and vows, what good is it if your guests can’t hear what is going on?

No PA cant hearWe’ve all been to wedding ceremonies where you could not hear the vows being exchanged or the readings being made. And during the wedding breakfast not being able to hear the speeches

There are three reasons this happens:

  • There was no sound system.
  • The sound equipment provided was not the correct equipment for the job
  • The sound system  was not set up and operated correctly

Talk to us and ensure it doesn’t happen on your day, call me on 01202 580596 or use my Fast response form

Remember, problems with the sound on your  day can affect a lot more than the people who attend. The sound at your wedding will be on your wedding videos which will remind you of  the same problems every time you play them.


Don’t leave your Sound Equipment Choices as the last thing
on your TO DO list.

To help you plan, we have produced a TOP TIPS guide to planning your wedding PA and Sound Equipment options.  You can check this out HERE


If you are getting Married inside or at night I can help you with lighting to enhance the atmosphere with colour and texture and make it even more special. If you have any special Ideas what you would like I am free to talk to you . We can use all sorts of techniques to highlight areas and things and I can give you an Idea of the feasibility and costs which would be involved. 


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