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Filta At Canvas 9/03/18

Filta At Canvas 9/03/18

What a great night down at Canvas last night.with Filta a 90s dance cover band playing for a a private birthday party in the live lounge. It took some doing though. The party guests arrived from 8, and the band could not get to us before then. So before 8,... Read more

Using LED par cans

At first sight  using LED par cans and Tri Colour colour mixing seem like the ultimate solution. Any colour from any lantern . No more changing gels. Less space on the rig…. Apart from the obvious one that “LED par cans do not produce anything  with a wave... Read more

My thoughts on Effective Lighting

How I think about creating effective lighting. I think there are some really key factors to be considered to produce effective lighting: Where are we? Are we inside? Are we outside? What time of day is it? The time of day alters the angle the light comes from? Where... Read more