We have just taken delivery of 4 ” light weight digital power amplifiers” from IMG’s

These STA 800D digital power amplifiers are unbelievable, they weigh only  3 Kg ,  sound extremely punchy and there is no lack of frequency response performance either.

They have a hefty 400 watt per channel power capability and extremely high energy efficiency.

They are virtual  silent with no magnetic hum from a mains transformer and very little noise from the fans which only cut in when the amplifier is working very hard.

The Signal to noise ratio is huge  at 110 db , rendering the background hiss virtually inaudible.

Another great asset is there very small size .They are only 1 u high and under 300 mm deep

This makes them suitable for both fixed installations and mobile applications.

They are defiantly going to make life better

My intention is to mount 4 of these units along with a DBX Drive rack and a DL16 digital stage box in a 8 u rack, to make a new very compact system which will be used in conjunction with the new Midas M32 R desk

EVENT Rookie 01/2015 commented in their review on the  STA-800D
“Small and powerful surely applies to them. The test unit didn’t really show any weaknesses. It should be noted that the minimum noise created by the two amplifiers is almost record-breaking …”


The technical specs for the amplifiers are


Output power
RMS power

4 Ω

2 x 400 WRMS
2 x 470 WMAX

8 Ω

2 x 210 WRMS
2 x 270 WMAX

4 Ω bridged operation

Max. power 1,000 WMAX
General information


1 V/10 kΩ (XLR, bal.),
1 V/4.7 kΩ (RCA)

Frequency range

20-20,000 Hz

S/N ratio

> 110 dB, A-weighted

Crosstalk attenuation


< 0.004 %

Power supply

230 V˜/50 Hz/920 VA

Admiss. ambient temp.

0-40 °C


482x298x52 mm, 1 RS


3 kg
Connections 1 x 3-pin IEC jack
1 x 3-pole XLR L/R
1 x RCA L/R
2 x pair of screw terminals

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