The sound system was hired in by the customer to be used on a theatrical performance as a result of the comments by staff and audiences as to the clarity and uniform coverage  they rapidly made the decision to purchase a system.

This new installation uses the IMG LR1000 small line array system to overcome the cathedral like acoustics of Thornden Hall. The application of this system provides excellent speech intelligibility and musical performance. The on board speaker management system provided all the tools necessary to tailor the system to the room.  Besides its brilliant sonic performance the LR1000 is ascetically very useful in this room. The black, side drapes mask the bass cabinets which are mounted behind the mid tops and just behind these drape. The mid top cabinets mounted in front of the drapes virtually disappear. Custom made brackets designed by ourselves and Doughty Engineering, provide a robust mounting solution. They provide all the necessary pan and tilt adjustment required to align the mid top cabinets. All in all a very successful installation .


Variable line array alignment

clear sound

Mid top bracket with maximum pan and tilt option

Sturdy custom mountings


Almost invisible


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